If you are throwing a St. Paddy’s Day celebration this year, here are a few great ideas for a menu that your guests will love, and that will make the event a little more family friendly!

Traditional Fare With A Twist

There are a few ways you can create appetizing nibbles for your guests while still keeping the Irish theme.  Try adding some Guinness to a cheddar fondue, or a few twists with the infamous Irish potato such as serving roasted potato wedges or potato skins.  You can also use the color green as a food-related theme in your menu by serving such things as a spinach dip or guacamole.  Certainly not traditional Irish fare, but they will definitely be a hit at any St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Going The More Traditional Route

If you want to delight your guests with a more traditional menu, then your best bet is going with a sit-down dinner.  Corned beef and cabbage is definitely about as traditional as it gets, but you can also choose a more popular vegetable for the finicky eaters, such as broccoli.  Potatoes should definitely make an appearance on the plate of a traditional St. Patrick’s Day feast, and mashed goes well with the corned beef.  If you are really feeling ambitious then try making some Irish soda bread to accompany the meal.  For dessert, a cake decorated with a shamrock will finish off the meal nicely.

Don’t Forget The Drinks!

Let’s face it, St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a few drinks, but for those you don’t like a thick stout or green beer and are looking for a more family friendly option, there are alternatives.  If you prefer cocktails, then any drink with a little crème de menthe added for the green color can add a festive touch.  Whiskey is also a very popular Irish drink and can be served straight or mixed.  For the non-alcoholic crowd or the kids any drink with a green color, such as limeade, will keep the theme going.

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to have a party with friends and family, and these tips can help you create an event to suit any taste!