Every year, Valentine’s Day serves as a celebration of love, happiness and a commitment to those that you cherish.  We all know that roses and chocolates are the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but what if there were other ways to be especially creative and still express your love?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Give Him/Her A Fortune

A fortune cookie, that is.  If you want to tell someone that you love them in a truly unique way, place a customized message in a fortune cookie that reads, “When I found you, I found a fortune.  I love you.”

Name A Star In His/Her Honor

Through the years, the novelty gift of a star personally named after someone special has become an increasingly popular tradition.  Most star-naming services allow you to customize the naming with a date, which means you could indicate Valentine’s Day as the date a star was named if you choose.  What better way to say “I Love You” than with a gift and card that says, “You are my shining star.”  Another possibility is, “When I look at you, I can see forever.”

Get Creative With Engraved Jewelry

The gift of jewelry is a very personal one, and it shows a lot of thought has gone into the occasion.  If you really want to let him/her know how much you care, engrave it into precious metal (gold or silver) so that it will be with them forever.  If your gift of choice is a watch, you can engrave “Now is the time to say I love you” on the underside of the watch.  Rings, bracelets and even pendants can also be engraved.

Design A Photo Collage

If you have been with your sweetheart for some time and have shared many precious moments together, some of which have been captured in images, create a photo collage that tells the story of your romance.  At the end, leave an open space with a caption that reads, “I love you and look forward to many more memories in the years to come.”

Create A Homemade Video

If you have special moments captured on video, take snippets and turn them into a film honoring the one you love.  Add some background vocals, such as a song with special meaning or a narration by you, and watch as the one you love falls in love with you all over again.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

If you’re already married, there’s no better way to say “I Love You” than by renewing your wedding vows.  Take a second honeymoon and remember all of the things that made your first wedding so special.  Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day for weddings, but it’s also the perfect day to renew your promise to love one another forever.