Let’s face it—two of the biggest issues most of us face in today’s world are concerns over the environment and the economy.  Figuring out how we can save money while still being good to our planet can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  But here are a few great tips to reduce the cost of our laundry expenses and be greener at the same time!

Use Cold Water—By using cold water you are not using electricity or gas for your hot water heater to clean your clothes.  This saves resources and money toward your electricity or gas bill, and with some great cold water detergents now on the market you can still have well-cleaned clothes.

Wash Bigger Loads—Most people under load their washing machines rather than the opposite.  Check out your machine’s load capacity by weight to get a better idea of how much your machine can take.  Using larger loads means you will use less water and electricity to wash your clothes, while still getting them clean.

Hang Dry—Whether it’s summer or not, you can always hang dry at least some of your clothes rather than using a dryer.  Purchase a drying rack to use in your laundry room or bathtub, or if you have the space outside and the weather is right, hang them outside.  This will save money on your electricity bill, and give your clothes a nice fresh smell.

Dry Like Items Together—Keep lighter, synthetic items together, and heavier items such as towels for a separate load.  This will allow you to use less time for fabrics that dry more quickly and with less heat.

Replace Your Washer And Dryer—While this will not save you money in the short term, when it is time to replace these appliances be sure to go with an energy efficient model.

These simple tips can keep you “green” while keeping the green in your pocket!