Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, and since mom is there for us every day of the year, the least we can do is create a one-of-a-kind day to show her our thanks.  Since Mother’s Day is on a Sunday, brunch is a great and simple idea that can really show your mom how much you care.  Here are a few simple ideas to create a beautiful and memorable Mother’s Day for your mom.

Set The Table

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the coming warm weather, and using the colors of spring to create a nice table setting is easy and inexpensive.  Try an arrangement of pink or yellow tulips or carnations as a centerpiece, as well as your best plates and cutlery, and a nicely pressed tablecloth to set the table.  You can also add some special touches such a single rose to mark your mom’s place.

Music And Drinks

Including some really nice drinks and music can turn an average brunch gathering into a special event.  Keep the music soft but upbeat, such as jazz, and don’t forget to add your mom’s favorites to the playlist.  Also creating a signature drink in honor of your mom will really show that you have put some thought into the day.  A mimosa is always a great brunch choice, or iced blueberry tea for those who don’t drink.


A brunch menu can either be simple or really creative, and this is the area where you can really shine.  For earlier brunches, the traditional eggs or French toast are always popular choices.  For brunches a little later in the day, you can create a more refined feel by making a simple quiche and salad or some finger sandwiches.  Don’t forget to have a dessert planned as well.  Something light, such as strawberry tarts, is a great idea.

Whatever you decide to serve, or however you decorate, throwing a Mother’s Day brunch for your mom will surely make her feel special and is an easy and inexpensive way to show her you care.