Solar Lighting For Your Yard

One of the simplest, most economical and also eco-friendly ways to provide lighting in your yard is to use solar lights.  There are a wide variety of solar lighting options on the market that can help you to create the right ambience for an evening on the porch, light your sidewalk and driveway, or simple illuminate your yard for aesthetic appeal.

Solar lighting is simple to install and uses the energy absorbed from the sun during the day to provide the power for nighttime lighting.  This means you can light your yard without affecting your energy bills.  There are a few different options you can use to create the lighting effect you are seeking in your yard.

Lighting Your Yard And Patio

The most commonly used solar yard lights are the classic stake lights.  They can be placed at the interval of your choice, and are great for lining flower beds, placing around the patio, or illuminating the path up to your house.  These versatile lights are perfect for just about any situation.  They give a very classic look that works in both the front and back yard and will fit in with most landscaping or architecture.

To add mood lighting to your patio, solar powered Tiki torches are a great choice.  Unlike traditional torches, there is no risk of fire and no messy oil.  Many even flicker just like a candle to create the same ambience that you would expect from traditional Tiki torches.

Lighting Your Driveway

Another option you might want to consider is driveway solar lights.  These flat lights are designed to light the edges of the driveway to make parking easier at night.  Especially for long or curving driveways, these are a great way to illuminate the way at night.  There are two main types of driveway lights; the first type sits on top of the surface, while the second type is actually embedded in the driveway surface, leaving it level.  Either type illuminates very well, but the second type will not be damaged if you accidentally drive over it, so if that is a risk you might consider the embedded type of driveway lights.

Solar lights give your home a warm glow at night and require virtually no maintenance.  Install them, let the sun do the work, and then enjoy them when the sun goes down!