Long gone are the days of plastic vertical blinds and grandma’s lacy curtains.  Whether it’s window treatments for a new home or redecorating a room, there are a huge number of options to suit virtually any taste.  Here are some of the latest trends in window coverings that can help make any space look amazing!

Velvet—Yes, believe it or not, velvet for home décor is back in style!  Consider using this fabric for a dramatic effect in a dining room, or as a romantic touch to a master suite.

Two-Toned Sheers—Sheers have always been ideal in rooms that get or need a great deal of natural light.  Two-toned sheers can create the same effect, but with a little more depth and interest than plain sheers.

Extra Long Fabric—If you have patio doors that require a window treatment, or a large window that is the focal point of a room, hanging curtains that fall just a little longer than they should can create a stylish yet casual look for any space.

Patterns—While for some time simple natural tones have been the style trend in home décor, the fun has come back into decorating!  Choosing vibrant colors and interesting patterns for window treatments can be a great and inexpensive way to add excitement to any room.

Loose Pleats—Pleats in your curtains can give the space a sense of formality, but choosing looser pleats will give the room a sense of style without looking too dated or stuffy.

High Tech Treatment—There are a number of really great options in the blind market that may be right for your space.  From “light blocking” fabrics that still allow you to see out, to “remote-controlled” blinds, there are a number of useful and fun options in this category.

While there are a number of new trends in home décor this year, the usual rules of choosing items and styles to suit both your personal taste and the style of your home will always ensure that your new space will look great and make you happy!